CWI supporters around the world show solidarity with struggle in Catalonia

Below are just a few photos and a report from CWI supporters in various cities around the world, in solidarity with the struggle of workers and young people in Catalonia for their right to self-determination and against the repression of the Spanish state. 


Chicago, USA: 

Thessaloniki, Greece: 

catalonia solidarity tessaloniki

Lisbon, Portugal:

Catalonia solidarity Lisbon

Moscow, Russia:

catalonia solidarity Moscow

Edinburgh, Scotland:

catalonia solidarity edinburgh

Dundee, Scotland:

catalonia solidarity Dundee

Tel-Aviv, Israel: 

Catalonia solidarity tel aviv

Paris, France:

catalonia paris

Trump Tower, New York, USA:

Catalonia solidarity NEw york

Krakow, Poland: 

catalonia solidarity poland

Brussels, Belgium:

catalonia solidarity brussels

San Francisco, USA:

catalonia solidarity san francisco

London, UK:

Around 300 people protested outside Downing Street in London on 3rd October in solidarity with the general strike in Catalonia. Socialist Students at Kings College London and Goldsmiths University had originally called a protest at the embassy before being approached and working with people from Catalan groups in London to protest at Downing Street instead and call on the government to condemn the violence by state forces. We ran an open mic with speakers from around the world and many trade unions bringing solidarity, as well as from the CWI and the Socialist Party. Tamil Solidarity also came and gave their support and lead us all chanting “Fight for the right to self-determination”. We also chanted “Rojoy hear us say, state violence no way” and “Theresa May hear us say, state violence no way” because Jeremy Corbyn has called on May to condemn the state violence but she refused to do so. There was also anger at the EU for refusing to condemn the actions of the riot police.

catalonia solidarity london

Catalonia London2

catalonia solidarity london3

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