Campaign for release of Chilean political prisoners

Mass protest, Chile, October 2019 (Photo: Hugo Morales/Wikimedia Commons)

While the pro-bosses elite who have traditionally betrayed the social movements are forcing through a new fraud to save a broken system that enriches, every day, a small sector of Chilean society, in the prisons languish our political prisoners from the social revolt of 18th October 2019.

Approximately 2,500 women and men, in the main youth, decided to stand up against the capitalist and neo-liberal system and went onto the streets, along with a majority of the population, to protest. They said enough of former Chilean dictator General Pinochet’s constitution and rejected the political caste.

Today we are in the middle of a ‘constitutional process’, of which we are very critical.

Previously we managed to win the right to take 10% from our pension funds (AFP) and are demanding the right for a second withdrawal. None of this would have been possible without the determined and heroic struggles on the streets by our political prisoners.

Historically the judiciary has been managed by the same layers of society that benefited from the abuses they perpetrated. Their ‘justice’ is actually a condemnation of the ‘ethics’ of the big bosses who are pardoned by tribunals made up of the same layers in society. It is this elite that today condemns our comrades to imprisonment. The only objective of this is to threaten those that take up the struggle and fight.

We send our solidarity to all the family organisations and friends of the political prisoners that fight today for the freedom of all those who are arbitrarily arrested and imprisoned.

Socialismo Revolucionario calls on all comrades and supporters in Chile, and internationally, to take up the campaign and to demand:

The immediate release of all political prisoners, without exception, and the lifting of all sentences imposed on them.

Only organization and mobilization in struggle will secure the release of our people.

Freedom for political prisoners!

Please send solidarity greetings, demanding the release of all political prisoners, to the following organisations:

Organizacion de Familiares y Amigxs de Prisonerxs Politicxs @

with copies to Socialismo Revolucionario at

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