Remember the dead and fight for the living!

Thirty years of war in Sri Lanka came to a brutal end on 18 May 2009. In its final act of barbarity, Sri Lankan government forces surrounded over 300,000 people fleeing the war, forced them into a tiny lagoon called Mullivaikkal and bombarded them. Over 140,000 perished in a few days and tens of thousands are still “missing”.

When many are trying to get back to a normal life following the horrific Easter Sunday mass killings, a new wave of communal attacks has started against the Muslim population.

The Sinhala Buddhist chauvinist groups have a long history of propagating hatred against Muslims. They also spread baseless lies about them among the Sinhala...

After the bombings – claimed by reactionary Islamic forces - Muslim workers and poor people right across Sri Lanka have felt under attack from all sides. Government and religious bigots have whipped up a scare campaign against them, with the wearing of scarves or burkhas forbidden. The USP has pledged to do all in its power to defend Muslim...

Since 26 October Sri Lanka has been plunged into deep political crisis. It’s a dangerous state of affairs, especially if the parliamentary conflict spills into the streets and communities. It could also lead to a major economic collapse which would, as always, hit the poorest the hardest...

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