Kazakhstan: Trade Union leader in jail

Four activists from the Karaganda Confederation of Free Trade Unions in Kazakhstan are currently under arrest and are facing serious charges. This is a continuation of the type of repression doled out to worker activists who are building an independent class opposition to the authoritarian rule of gangster-capitalist Nazabayev regime.

Call for an international protest on 7 September 2002

The following is an appeal by Rob Jones in Moscow, who is helping to highlight their case throughout the CIS and internationally:

At a hearing on 28 August, the judge refused to release Saken Zhanusov and he now faces several months in jail awaiting his trail, the date of which has not been set.

Saken and his three comrades who are currently on bail are charged with a total of 9 criminal offences and Saken faces up to 5 years in jail. The charges are criminal trespass (in their own premises), libel (which is a criminal, not a civil offence in Kazakhstan) and assaulting officers of the court.

The latter charge arose when a court bailiff manhandled Saken, including choking him. When Saken’s son, Ruslan went to assist his father, both men were accused of "attacking" three court officers and three police. The libel charges relate to a campaign, organised by the trade unions, which exposed how money due to be paid as wages was being used by local businessmen for other purposes. As a result of their campaign hundreds of thousands of dollars have been repaid in wage arrears, but instead of bringing charges against these crooked businessmen, the court is accusing the trade union of smearing their character.

The court and prison system in Kazakhstan are designed to defend the interests of the ruling elite and its business supporters. Saken now faces several months in prison whilst the police continue their investigations. It should be remembered that Ionur Kurmanov, a well-known workers’ leader and CWI supporter, and two of his comrades were in a similar position in the mid nineties and spent 5 months in jail. One of the comrades later died as a result of the conditions in jail. When Ionur was eventually brought to trial, the charges proved to be practically unsubstantiated. A tremendous international campaign of solidarity organized by the CWI was instrumental in getting the eventual release of the comrades in Uralsk.

In Saken’s case, the repressive nature of the charges are so blatant that the Head of the Delegation of the European Union in Kazakhstan, in effect the EU Ambassador in Kazakhstan has contacted Saken and told him that they are very concerned at what is happening and will be officially requesting an explanation from the Kazakhstan Government.

We say:

  • Free Saken Zhanusov immediately!
  • End repression of the trade unions in Karaganda!
  • Drop the charges against Saken and Rustan Zhanusov, Ramil Mingazov and Sergei Popov!
  • End repression of the Worker’s movement in Kazakhstan!
  • Pay off all wage arrears immediately!
  • Put on trial all businessmen involved in fraud!

The CIS section of the CWI is calling a Day of International Protest on 7 September 2002. We plan to organise pickets on that day and around that date at a number of Kazakhstan embassies and consulates and other representative bodies. We aim to include:

Australia – in Sydney




Canada (Consulate in Toronto)

Czech Republic (Mission in Prague)

Germany (Embassy in Berlin, Consulates in Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and Hanover)

Greece (Consulate)

Israel (Tel Aviv)

Italy (Rome)






USA (Consulate and UN Mission in New York)

Full details of these offices and others are provided below.

We appeal to all socialists, workers’ movement activists, trade unionists, community and student activists and human and democratic rights activists to take action immediately.

Algeria – Ambassador with residence in Cairo

for information see Egypt


Armenia – Ambassador with residence in Moscow

for information see Russia


Australia – Consulate (Sydney)

144 Clyde Street
North Bondi, Sydney
NSW 2026 Australia

tel:(612)9365-3011, fax:9365-3044

Austria – Embassy (Vienna)
(Ambassador cross-accredited to the UN Office and other international organizations in Vienna)

Felix Mottlstrasse 23
A – 1190 Wien Austria

tel: (431) -367-91-750 fax: 367-91-7433

Azerbaijan -Embassy (Baku)

370000 Baku, Inglab street 82

tel: (99412)-90-62-48 fax: 90-62-49

Bahrain – Ambassador with residence in Riyadh

. for information see Saudi Arabia

Belgium – Embassy (Brussels)
(Ambassador cross-accredited to Luxembourg, Netherlands and international organizations in Brussels)

Avenue van Bever, 30
1180, Bruxelles

tel: (322)-374-95-62 fax: 374-50-91

Belarus – Embassy (Minsk)

Minsk, Kuibysheva, 12 220029

tel: (375172)-13-30-26 fax: 84-48-10

Bulgaria – Ambassador with residence in Budapest

for information see Hungary


Canada – Ambassador with residence in Washington D.C.

for information see United States


Canada – Consulate (Toronto)

347 Bay Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2R7, Canada.

tel: (1416)-593-40-43 fax : 593-40-37

China -Embassy (Beijing)
(Ambassador cross-accredited to Mongolia)

N9, Dong 6 Road, San Li Tun,
Beijing, China 100600 PRC

tel: (8610)-6532-6182, fax: 6532-6183

China – Passport-VisaServise (Urumqi)

31, Kunming road, Urumqi, China 830011

tel: (86991) 381-57-96, fax:382-1203 kazpass@mail.xj.cninfo.net

Cuba- Ambassador with residence inNew York



Czech Republic – Mission (Prague)Ambassador with residence in Budapest

Romaina Rollanda 12,
160 00 Praha 6

tel/fax: (4202)-333-756-42, 333 756 43

Egypt – Embassy (Cairo)
(Ambassador cross-accredited to Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Syrian Arab Rep., Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Algeria )

73, 15th Street , Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

tel/fax: (202)-359-84-21

France – Embassy (Paris)
and delegation to the UNESCO

59, rue Pierre Charron
75008 Paris

tel: (331)-4561-52-00 fax: 4561-52-01

Finland-Ambassador with residence in Moscow

for information see Russia


Germany – Embassy (Berlin)

Nordenstrasse 14-17, D-13156 Berlin

tel: (4930) 470-07-111, fax 470-07-125

Germany – Consulate General (Frankfurt)

Untermainkai 44, 60329 Frankfurt/M BRD

tel: (4969) 971-4670, fax: 97146818

Germany – Consulate (Dusseldorf)

BRD, Morserstrabe 57, 40667 Meerbusch

tel (492132) 931-640, fax: 931-642

Germany- Consulate (Hannover)

30171 Hannover, Sallstrasse 64A

tel:(49511) 301-868-80, fax 301-868-88

Greece – Consulate (Athens)

8, Zalokosta str., 10671 Athens, Greece

tel.: (301) 361-66-87, fax 361-66-89 conskaz@otenet.gr

Hungary – Embassy (Budapest)
(Ambassador cross-accredited to Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia)

1025, Budapest, Kapy u. 59

tel: (361)-275-13-00, fax: 275-20-92

India -Embassy (New Delhi)

4, Olof Palme Marg, Vasant Vihar,
New Delhi 110057

tel: (9111)-614-4779, fax: 6144778

Iran -Embassy (Tehran)

Tehran, Darrus, Hedayat st., Masjed 1 , N4

tel: (9821)-256-59-33, fax: 256-64-00

Irish Republic – Ambassador with residence in London

for information see United Kingdom


Israel – Embassy (Tel-Aviv)

270, Hayarkon Str.
Tel-Aviv 63504, Israel

tel: (9723)-604-33-49, fax: 604-33-64

Italy – Embassy (Rome)
(Ambassador cross-accredited to Greece and Malta)

Piazza Farneze 101,
00186 – Roma, Italia

tel: (3906)-6880-8640, fax: 6889-1360

Japan – Embassy (Tokyo)

9-8 Himonya 5-chome,
Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-003, Japan

tel: (813)3791-5273 fax: 3791- 5279

Jordan – Ambassador with residence in Cairo

for information see Egypt


Korea, Republic of -Embassy (Seoul)

32-15 Nonhyun-dong
Kangnam -Ku, Seul,
Republic of Korea

tel: (822)-548-14-15, fax: 548-14-16

Kyrgyzstan – Embassy (Bishkek)

Bishkek, Togolok Moldo street, 10

tel: (996312)-66-04-15 fax: 22-54-63

Kuwait – Ambassador with residence in Riyadh

for information see Saudi Arabia


Libyan Arab Jamahiriya – Ambassador with residence in Cairo

for information see Egypt


Lithuania -Embassy (Vilnius)
(Ambassador cross-accredited to Latvia and Estonia)

LT 2009, Vilnius, Akmeny str.7

tel: (3702) -22-21-23 fax: 31-35-80

Malaysia – Embassy (Kuala Lumpur)

Suite 6.07, Floor (North Block), AmpWalk 218 Jalan Ampang 50450, Kuala Lumpur

tel: (603)-216-64-144, 216-67-872, 216-66021
fax 216-68-553

Malta – Ambassador with residence in Roma

for information see Italy


Marocco – Ambassador with residence in Cairo

for information see Egypt


Mexico – Ambassador with residence in Washington D.C.

for information see United States


Moldova – Ambassador with residence in Kiev

for information see Ukraine


Mongolia – Mission (Ulan-Bator)
Ambassador with residence in Beijing

Ulan-Bator, 6 mcr, N 95

tel: (9761)-312240 fax: 312204

Oman – Ambassador with residence in Riadh

for information see Saudi Arabia


Norway – Ambassador with residence in London

for information see United Kingdom


Pakistan – Embassy (Islamabad)

House N2, Street N4
F-8/3 Islamabad

tel: (9251)- 226-2807, fax: 226-2806

Pakistan – Consulate-General (Meshed)


tel (9851) – 71-61-67, fax 762-55-90

Pakistan – Consulate (Karachi)

Plot 6/3, Street 27, Phase 5 Extention

tel: (9221) 583-84-20, fax 583-84-18

Poland – Embassy (Warsaw)

lok 18, ul.Staroseinska 1, 02-516
Warszawa, Poland

tel: (4822) 849-42-30, fax 646-0705 kazdipmis@hot.pl

Russia – Embassy (Moscow)
(Ambassador cross-accredited to Finland)

Russia, Moscow,
Chistoprudny bulvar, 3-a

tel: (7095)-927-18-12, fax: 208-26-50

Saudi Arabia – Embassy (Riyadh)
(Ambassador cross-accredited to Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, UAE)

Riadh 11693 P.O. Box 94012

tel: (9661)-454-86-60 , fax: 454-77-81

Spain – Embassy (Madrid)

C/cascanucces, 25
Parque Conde de Orgaz,
28043 Madrid

tel: (3491) 721-6290, fax 721-9374

Sweden – Ambassador with residence in London

for information see United Kingdom


Switzerland – Embassy (Bern)

Alleweg 15, CH-3006, Bern

tel:(4131)351-7969, fax:351-7975

Switzerland – Mission to the United Nations’ Office in Europe (Geneve)

Chemin de Prunier 10,
1218 Grand-Saconne Geneve

tel: (4122)-788-66-00, fax: 788-66-02

Syrian Arab Rep. – Ambassador with residence in Cairo

for information see Egypt


Tajikistan – Embassy (Dushanbe)


tel (992372) 27-18-38, fax: 21-89-40 dipmiskz@tajik.net

Thailand – Mission (Bangkok)

Suite 3E1-3E2, 3rd Floor,
139 Rimco House, Sukhumvit 63, Klongtan Nua, Wattana
Bangkok 10110

tel: (662) 7149890, 7149891, fax: 7147588 kzdipmis@asianet.co.th

Tunisia – Ambassador with residence in Cairo

for information see Egypt


Turkey – Embassy (Ankara)

Turliye Ankara/ Cankaya 06680
Elbuzyia Tevfik Sokak, 6

tel: (90312)-441-23-01 fax: 441-23-03

Turkey – Consulate (Istanbul)

Sahil Caddesi, No. 3/1, Yesilyurt-Bakirkoy, Istanbul, Turkey

tel: (90212)662-5347, fax 662-5349

Turkmenistan -Embassy (Ashgabad)

Ashgabat, Gerogly street,
14, 3 floor

tel: (99312)-39-55-48, fax: 39-59-32

Ukraine – Embassy (Kiev) Ambassador cross-accredited to Moldova

Melnikova str.26
252010 Kiev

tel/fax: (38044)-213-1198,

United Arab Emirates – (Dubai) Ambassador with residence in Riyadh

PO Box 14180, Dubai UAE

tel (9714) 224-24-62, fax 224-24-82

United Kingdom – Embassy (London)
(Ambassador cross-accredited to Irish Republic, Norway, Sweden)

33 Thurloe Square
London SW7 2SD UK

tel: (44207)-581-4646, fax: 584-8481
Consular Section http://www.kazakhstan-visa.org/

United Nations Organization – Permanent Mission (Ambassador cross-accredited to Cuba)

866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 586
New York, NY 10017

tel.: (1212) 230-19-00,
fax 230-1172
tel (1212) 888-30-24
fax: 888-30-25

United States of America – Embassy (Washington D.C.)
(Ambassador cross-accredited to Canada, Mexico)

1401 16th Street, N.W.
Washington DC. 20036

tel: (1202)-232-54-88 fax: 232-58-45

United States of America – Consulate (New York)

866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 586A
New York, NY 10017

tel: (1212) 888-30-24, fax 888-30-25

Uzbekistan -Embassy (Tashkent)

700015 Uzbekistan
Tashkent, Chekhov street, 23

tel: (99871)-136-09-86 fax: 152-16-50

Vietnam – Ambassador with residence in Beijing

for information see China


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