Kazakhstan: State procurer demands arrest and jailing of socialist

Urgent messages of protest needed!

Today, the Alma-ata city Procurer (legal prosecuter) demanded the arrest and imprisonment, for 15 days, of Ainur Kurmanov, a well-known CWI member and opposition socialist activist.

This follows a recent court case when Ainur left the court with just a fine despite the demands of the police and prosecutor. The Procuror had the right to appeal.

Shanty town dwellers in the Shanyrak area of Alma-Ata city are bravely resisting Alma-Ata City authority’s attempts to destroy their homes, built living quarters on the outskirts of the city. The authorities want to build ’entertainment complexes’ and elite flats for Kazakhstan’s ’new rich’ on the land.

As part of their ongoing campaign, last night, Shanyrak residents near Alma-Ata and supporters handed leaflets out at a Euroasian press forum that was held by the daughter of the Kazakhstan president, Nazabayev. Twenty people were arrested, including Ainur, but were later released.

Now it is clear that the Procurer decided to punish Aimur for being a recognised leader of social protests.

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