New Zealand: CWI campaigns against the war

CWI group campaigns against war.

An article from the Otago Daily Times (New Zealand) which highlights the campaigning work by the newly formed CWI group in New Zealand against the war plans of Bush. The CWI in New Zealand also campaign against the neo-liberal policies of the New Zealand Clarke Labour government and calls for the creation of a new mass socialist alternative.

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Organisers of anti-war petition attract 300 signatures in Dunedin

Support for an anti-war petition to be presented to the Government, and a rally in the city next Saturday, is gaining momentum, organisers say.

Several groups, including Corso, Trade Aid, church groups and the Alliance, are supporting a petition calling for the Government to withdraw its support of the United States’ war on terrorism.

One of the organisers, a member of political group Socialist Alternative, Tim Bowron, collected several dozen signatures in an hour outside the Dunedin Public Library yesterday, boosting the number collected since Friday to more than 300.

He said the organisers were "appalled" US President George W. Bush had gone into Afghanistan with a "revenge mentality" and thousands of Afghani civilians had been killed or injured.

Up to 150,000 US military personnel are massing for a possible attack on Iraq next month.

The petition calls on the Government to cease all military and political support for the war on terrorism, condemn action taken in the war and support reducing the threat of war by improving the social and economic conditions of people around the world.

Saturday’s march for peace will leave the museum at noon and culminate in a 12.30pm rally in the Octagon with guest speakers.

Similar peace rallies will be held in Christchurch and Wellington, while marches on Washington DC, San Francisco and in Australia and Europe were scheduled for the weekend, Mr Bowron said.

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