Germany: Bremen school students strike!

On February 13, 7-9000 youth, most of them school students, demonstrated in Bremen against the war. In fact this was the first school students strike against the war on Iraq.


Below we publish a translation from Sozialistische Alternative, the CWI’s German affiliate. Youth against the war is a campaign set up by widerstand internationale (International Resistance), the socialist, anti-capitalist youth organisation. Sozialistische Alternative members initiated the setting up of International Resistance.

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Bremen school students strike!

A few teachers and school students from one school organised the demonstration. "Youth against the war" supported the call for the demonstration. At some schools joint meetings of the students were organized to mobilise for the demo.

After last Saturday, when 10.000 people attended a demo, this is the second large demo within six days. The mood is very good and the movement will grow.

"Youth against the war" distributed 1000 Leaflets, with a call to form anti-war-commitees and a strike on day X.

An indication of some of the illusions that exist at the moment in the movement is that only one out of the three speakers was critical of the Schröder government. This shows the need, to build a fighting anti-war movement with YAW.

At the first meeting of YAW in Bremen 35 youth from more than 10 schools were present.

In Kassel, 170 school students attended a meeting of school students against the war organised by International Resistance. Twenty five anti-war committees have been set up in schools, with four of them organised at apprentice schools. These committees are mobilising over 250 school students to travel to Berlin for the big demonstration on Saturday.

In Hamburg 18 young people attended the last meeting of International Resistance. This branch of IR will mobilise 150 to go the demo in Berlin

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