Iraq: No to war – Portugal – Union and anti-war protests shake right-wing government

One week after 60,000 workers and youth went onto the streets of Lisbon as part of a struggle for jobs, decent wages and to stop the bosses’ offensive, many thousands of workers and youth we will be on the march again on 15 February in demos in Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra and Beja, as part of the international day of action against war.

No to war in Iraq. Anti-war movement in Portugal.

Trade union and anti-war protests shake right wing government

Last Saturday’s 60,000 strong trade union demonstration was against the proposed ‘Labour Code’ and other anti-union laws proposed by the neo-liberal, right wing government of the PSD. This followed a 24-hours general strike on 12 December 2002 that involved one and a half million workers.

Anti-war protesters are furious that the government has shown itself to be one of the most pro-US internationally, including assisting the war build up. The marches on Saturday will call for Lages Airport, which is being used by US imperialism, to be closed down. We say that Portugal must pull out of NATO, and NATO must also be closed down.

Alternativa Socialista (CWI in Portugal) is campaigning amongst students for a strike on Day X (the first day of a war) and works to build a mass, democratic and combative anti-war movement in Portugal, as part of the international anti-war movement

Alternativa Socialista puts forward a socialist plan of action to meet the growing social and class unrest that the neo-liberal offensive and support for war by the government is provoking in Portugal.

We want to end terror and war: so we fight for a socialist world.


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