Iraq: No to war – The arrogance of the US empire

Colin Powell presented his speech to the UN Security Council on 5 February 2003. On the same day, according to the Spanish daily El Pais (14 February 2003), at the UN headquarters, an incident occurred which graphically shows the arrogance of US imperialism and its representatives. 

The Mexican Ambassador to the UN, Adolfo Aguilar, stopped for a moment in front of the assembled TV cameras and press to give his impressions of Powell’s speech. Waiting at his side to also speak to the press was the US UN Ambassador, John Negroponte. His spokesperson, alarmed at seeing Aquilar before the assembled media exclaimed: "Hurry Up! Of what importance is it to anybody what Mexico has to say".

This telling incident has featured heavily in the Mexican media and has provoked a political storm. It illustrates the real attitude of US imperialism towards other countries. By bribery, bullying and threats the superpower will attempt to impose its will on other states, in the pursuit of the interests of big business. However as the Aquilar and Negroponte incident has shown, such an overweening attitude will also provoke mass opposition and anger towards US imperialism from working people, in Mexico and internationally.

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