Iraq: Stop the war in Iraq – Big turnout at Brazilian university to hear socialist case against war

The CWI in Brazil, Socialismo Revolucionario (SR), held a very successful public meeting earlier this week on the war on Iraq at the University USP, in San Carlos, in the State of Sao Paulo. Over 130 students and teachers attended the packed meeting.

Day X. Brazil.

Big turnout at Brazilian university to hear the socialist case against war

Students and teachers from the local town participated in a lively and enthusiastic discussion. Question followed question about the war, the objectives of US and British imperialism, the role of the UN and the question of the role of the working class and how to build a socialist alternative to capitalism and imperialism.

A teacher from a local secondary school filmed the entire meeting to use in local schools. He also invited members of the local branch of SR to come and address classes in his school. One lecturer, who spoke forcibly against the pro-capitalist dictatorial regimes in the Middle East, had lived in Britain during the struggle against the Poll Tax and was aware of the role played by Militant, the forerunner of the Socialist Party, in this important battle.

Many of the students present signed up to join an anti-war committee and expressed interest in the SR and the CWI.


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