Ireland Republic: Free the bin tax two: Protests in the US, Australia and Greece

Free the bin tax two

Protests in the US, Australia and Greece

More protests from around the world.

New York and Boston Irish consulate protests

This past Monday, September 22nd, there were three pickets at Irish consulates on the East Coast.

In Boston, there were two pickets at the consulate, with members of Socialist Alternative and others protesting. Many flyers were handed out, and the consulate general was informed about the pickets.

In New York, members of Socialist Alternative picketed outside the Irish consulate to show support for Clare and Joe. They also handed out many flyers protesting the jailing of our members in Ireland.

Solidarity lobby in Melbourne

Wednesday, September 24, we held a lobby at Irish Consulate General in Melbourne, presenting a letter, displaying a Socialist Party banner and protest banners etc. The Irish ambassador was not available so we insisted on a meeting with him. This was agreed for early next week.

The fortnightly paper for the Irish in Australia, the Irish Echo, will carry an article on the imprisonment in this week’s issue.

Steve Jolly, Socialist Party, Melbourne

Greek MP supports imprisoned activists

Statement by Panayiotis Lafazanis member of the Greek parliament, on behalf of Synaspismos (Left Progressive Party)

The condemnation of Joe Higgins and Clare Daly is a disgrace to democracy in Ireland and Europe. Their imprisonment is not only inexcusable and unacceptable but also illustrates a repressive direction that concerns and shadows the entire continent, against politicians and social movements that resist neo-liberal policies of the plundering of the working class, of poverty and unemployment.

Athens, September 24, 2003

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