Ireland – Free the bin tax two: Impressive international support for Joe Higgins and Clare Daly.

List of international supporters of the imprisoned anti-bin charges activists in Dublin, Socialist Party TD (member of Parliament) Joe Higgins and Socialist Party Councillor Clare Daly.

This includes trade unionists, left parties and artists. For reasons of space it does not include the many individuals who have sent messages of support to the campaign – which are also very important and greatly appreciated. Please send in your messages urgently to the campaign Details

The list will be updated as we get details of new supporters.

Supporters of the Free Clare and Joe Campaign. Updated 17 October 2003


Ireland South


  • Tony Gregory
  • Finian McGrath
  • Seamus Healy
  • Paudge Connolly
  • Marian Harkin
  • Dr. Liam Twomey
  • Joe Costello
  • Caoimhghin Ó Caoláin
  • Seán Crowe
  • Martin Ferris
  • Arthur Morgan
  • Aengus Ó Snodaigh

Artists and entertainers

  • Dolores Keane
  • Robert Ballagh
  • Barry (Bazza) Farmer
  • Eleanor McEvoy
  • Clare McKenna
  • Eddie Naessens
  • Paul Cleary
  • Phil Mailer

Trade Unions

  • John Douglas, National Organiser, MANDATE
  • Mick O’Reilly, Senior Industrial Organiser, ATGWU
  • Denis Keane, President, CPSU
  • Terry Kelleher, Trustee, CPSU
  • Tom Ryan, President, Dublin Council of Trade Unions
  • Dermot O’Loughlin, Senior Civil Aviation Official, SIPTU
  • Bill McCamley, President, Dublin Busworkers, SIPTU
  • Paul Hanson, President Construction Branch, SIPTU
  • Des Derwin Dublin REC, SIPTU
  • Ray McLoughlin NEC, TEEU
  • Jimmy Kelly, NEC, TEEU
  • Tommy Fitzgerald Regional Organiser, BATU
  • Joe Moore NEC, CWU
  • GPMU Allied Counties branch
  • Dave Edmonds, GPMU, Branch Secretary
  • Frank Gallagher, GPMU, Irish Industrial Council
  • Noel Murphy, National Secretary, Independent Workers’ Union
  • Brendan Ogle, Secretary, ILDA, ATGWU
  • Fion Ryder, Treasurer, AnPost, CPSU
  • Michael O’Brien, Valuation Office, Branch Secretary, PSEU

Ireland North

Trade Unions

  • GPMU Allied Counties branch
  • Carmel Gates, NIPSA President (personal capacity)
  • Padraig Mulholland, NIPSA General Council member (personal capacity)
  • Brian Booth, NIPSA General Council member (personal capacity)
  • Kevin Lawrenson, NIPSA General Council member (personal capacity)
  • Paul Dale, NIPSA General Council member (personal capacity)
  • Mary Cahillane INTO Executive member
  • Gordon McNeill, Madan Gumpta, Chris Bowyer, sacked airport shop stewards
  • Jim Barbour, FBU Executive Committee
  • Jim Quinn FBU, Chairperson NI
  • Tony Maguire, Belfast Trades Council
  • Anton McCabe, Omagh Trades Council
  • Mickey Duffy, NIPSA Fermanagh & Tyrone Health Branch
  • Harry Hutchinson, Secretary T&GWU Mid-Ulster & West Branch
  • Peter Hadden, Gary Mulcahy, Ciaran Mulholland, Northern Regional Executive Committee, Socialist Party
  • Tony Murray Branch Committee 3/3 Branch ATGWU, Derry
  • Kevin McCafferty CWU (Engineering) Branch Treasurer, Derry
  • Patricia Campbell, Chair Lough Neagh Fishermen’s Association
  • Padraig Campbell, National Off-Shore Committee, SIPTU
  • Joe O’Toole, Chair National Off-Shore Committee, SIPTU
  • Maire Harrington, Spokesperson Mayo Against Gas
  • Patsy Sweeney, ATGWU Shop Steward, Ulsterbus, Omagh


Franz Stephan Parteder, Landesvorsitzender der KPÖ-Steiermark (Kommunistische Partei Österreichs)


Members of Parliament

  • João Batista Oliveira de Araújo ( Baba), Federal Representative from Pará, Workers Party (PT).
  • Luciana Genro, federal representative (PT-Rio Grande do Sul)
  • João Batista Babá, federal representative (PT-Pará)

Trade Unions

  • Silvio de Souza, member Executive Committee, CUT trade union confederation – São Paulo
  • Miguel Leme, member Executive Committee, São Paulo State Teachers Union (APEOESP)
  • Robério Paulino, economist, Land Work and Freedom Movement (MTL)
  • Markus Sokol, member of the National Committee of the Workers Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores), Brazil

Political Parties

  • Revolutionary Socialism – Brazilian section, Committee for a Worker’s International – CIO/CWI
  • Markus Sokol, member of the National Committee of the Workers Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores), Brazil

England and Wales

Councillors Dave Nellist, Rob Windsor and Karen McKay, Coventry

Trade Unions

  • Bromley UNISON
  • Waltham Forest UNISON
  • CWU London CityWest
  • Danny Williamson NEC PCS
  • Rob Williams NEC PCS
  • John Mcinally NEC PCS
  • Chris Baugh NEC PCS
  • Marion Lloyd NEC PCS
  • Mark Baker NEC PCS
  • Bernard Roome NEC CWU
  • Gary Jones NEC CWU
  • Andrew Price NEC NAFTHE
  • Molly Cooper NEC NUJ
  • Linda Taaffe NEC NUT
  • Raph Parkinson NEC UNISON
  • Roger Banister NEC UNISON
  • Jean Thorpe NEC UNISON
  • Robbie Segal NEC USDAW
  • Angelika Teweleit, Chair, Hackney UNISON
  • Brian Debus, Chair Hackney UNISON

All individual trade unionists are supporters in a personal capacity

Political Parties

  • Socialist Party

Czech Republic

Vaclav Votruba, Teachers Trade Union (CMOS PS)


Members of European Parliament

  • Alain Krivine
  • Roseline Vachetta


Petros Damianos, Greek Social Forum

Panayiotis Lafazanis member of the Greek parliament, on behalf of Synaspismos (Left Progressive Party)

D. Stratoulis , on behalf of the General Confederation of Greek Workers (the Greek TUC)

P. Lafazanis, Member of Parliament, on behalf of the political secretariat of Synaspismos (Left Progressive Party)

T. Giannopoulos, on behalf of the Greek Social Forum, and

A. Payiatsos, on behalf of Xekinima, the Greek section of the CWI, sister organisation of the Socialist Party in Ireland.


New Socialist Party


Amnon Cohen, for the National Committee of Maavak Sozialisti



  • Johan Kwisthout
  • Dick Meeusen


Femi Aborisade, Nat. Gen. Sec, National Conscience Party

Sina Odugbemi, General Secretary, NCP Lagos State

Segun Sango, General Secretary, DSM


Members of Parliament

  • Francisco Louçã
  • Luis Fazenda
  • João Teixeira Lopes

Trade Unions

  • Libério Domingues, President, Lisbon Council Workers’ Union


Trade Unions

  • Janice Godrich – National President, PCS (Public and Commercial services)
  • Alan Brown National Executice Committee, PCS
  • G Thompson – Assistant branch secretary, PCS
  • M McCann – Chair Lanarkshire PCS
  • Thomas Currie, PCS
  • Steve Waz – shop steward Edinburgh, PCS
  • Ronnie Stevenson – Convenor of shop stewards Glasgow City social services department, Unison
  • Brian Smith – shop steward Glasgow City, Unison
  • Margaret Bean, Education officer North Glasgow hospitals, Unison
  • Ian Leech – West Dumbartonshire Council branch, Unison
  • E Wardrope – shop steward Glasgow, Unison
  • Mary Rolis, Unison
  • Gerry McGinley – Stirling Council Scottish chair voluntary sector committee, Unison
  • Donnie Nicolson, Unison
  • Marlyn Tweedie, Unison
  • Jim McFarlane – Chair Dundee City branch, Unison
  • Jim Main – shop steward Glasgow City branch, Unison
  • Ann Lynch, Unison
  • Arthur Nicholl Assistant Secretary Dundee City branch, Unison
  • M Mcintosh, Unison
  • Colin Torbett – Chair North Ayrshire branch, Unison
  • Caroline Palitti, Unison
  • John lamm, Unison
  • Dougie Kinnear – President of Scottish regional council, RMT (Rail Maritime and Transport)
  • G Martin shop steward, RMT
  • Graham Cambell, RMT
  • John Milligan national executive, RMT
  • Iain Hogg, Amicus (Engineering union)
  • Andrew Gray, Amicus
  • Willie Black – shop steward Edinbugh, Amicus
  • John Starrs -shop steward Glasgow, Amicus
  • Gregor Gall – University of Stirling branch executive, AUT (Association of University Teachers)
  • Tricia McCafferty, AUT
  • CWU (Communication Workers Union)
  • Derek Durkin – Edinburgh No 2 branch secretary, CWU (Communication Workers Union)
  • Gary Clark – minority grade branch secretary Edinburgh, CWU
  • Ian Johnston, CWU
  • Fraser Coats – shop steward Airdrie, CWU
  • Ray Gunnion – Chair Motherwell EIS (Educational Institute of Scotland)
  • Allan Armstrong – Executive council, EIS
  • Donald Anderson, EIS
  • EIS – CLA ( College Lectures Association)
  • James O’ Donovan – Scottish President, EIS – CLA ( College Lectures Association)
  • Pam Currie, EIS – CLA ( College Lectures Association)
  • Malcolm Wilson National executive, EIS – CLA ( College Lectures Association)
  • S Marriot,, EIS – CLA ( College Lectures Association)
  • James Scott – Glasgow Govan firestation, FBU (Fire Brigades Union)
  • D McKintosh, FBU
  • Ken Ferguson – Scottish Executive Committee, NUJ (National Union of Journalists)
  • TGWU
  • Richard Whyte – General Executive Council, TGWU
  • Keith Baldasarra – Glasgow City Council No 2 branch, TGWU
  • K Stewart shop steward, TGWU
  • Keir McKechnie, TGWU
  • N Bean, TGWU
  • Neil Lennon, TGWU
  • Mike Dyer – shop steward Glasgow, UNIFI (Bank workers)
  • Sean Scott – Irvine, UNIFI
  • Rab Paterson – Midlothian trades council chair

All trade union positions are in a personal capacity

Scottish Socialist Party

  • Tommy Sheridam MSP
  • Richie Venton – national industrial organiser
  • John Lanigan
  • Ally Hendry
  • Alice Sheridan
  • Graham Mciver South of Scotland organiser

International Socialists (Committee for a workers International) Executive Committee members

  • Harvey Duke
  • Philip Stott
  • Sinead Daly
  • Alan Manley

Sri Lanka

Sritunga Jayasuriya, United Socalist Party, Sri Lanka

P.D. Saranapala, janaraja United Health Workers’ Union

Mahinda Devage, Socialist Plantation Workers Union

Percy Wickremesekere, Secretary -Democratic Left Front, Sri Lanka


Gustav Fridolin, MP for the Green Party

Sofia Marklund, national chairperson of Elevkampanjen/ISR

Jonas Brännberg, Liv Gustavsson Rhodin, councillors in Luleå for Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (CWI)

Jan Hägglund, Ingrid Eriksson, Yvonne Lantto, councillors in Umeå for Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (CWI)

Lena Ezelius, chairperson of Kommunal, Branch 36, Stockholm (Council workers’ union, with 8,000 members in the branch).

Gudrun Åhslund, chairperson, Social Insurance Workers’ Union, Sundsvall region

Kent Sehlstedt, Chairman, Dockworkers’ Union, Holmsund branch

Per-Olov Johansson, Anna Hedlund, Frank Pettersson, Andreas Bengtsson, Olof Kristmansson, Tobias Johansson – alternates for councillors and council subcommittee members, Umeå council

Ulrika Edman, councillor, Left Party, Umeå


Leanne Woods AM (Plaid Cymru Member of the National Assembly for Wales)

Bernard Roome (Welsh National Executive Council member, Communication Workers Union)

Andrew Price (Welsh National Executive Committee member National Association of Teachers in Further and High Education)

Swansea Trades Council

Katrine Williams (President Cardiff Trades Council)

Transport and General Workers Union Branch 4/1 (Visteon, Swansea)

Eva Denyse Thomas (UNISON)

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