Ireland – Free the bin tax campaigners: “Housholders’ refuse bins stolen” to-day and held to ransom by Council

Council’s new dirty trick a major provocation.

Today in an area of Tallaght, South Dublin County Council carried out a major provocation in an attempt to intimidate thousands of householders to give up their campaign against the Councils bin tax.

Council officials went into Dunmore estate in the Kingswood area of Tallaght and, in many cases entered these private properties, and took away their refuse bins. Those householders were then given a written demand from the Council for the full arrears of bin tax demanded by the Council plus a fee of 100 Euros. This is a major provocation on behalf of the County Council in a naked attempt to break the huge resistance against the bin tax in the South Dublin area. Residents have now come out of their homes and are peacefully protesting and refusing to allow any more bins to be taken.

The Council’s actions will now give rise to a major escalation in the campaign against the bin tax in South Dublin County Council. Emergency meetings will be held over the weekend in preparation for a stepping up of the campaign.

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