Ireland – Bin tax row: More Jailings likely

16 residents from right across the South Dublin County are due to appear in the High Court today at 2pm on a committal order from South Dublin County Council. Most are in court for involvement in protests against attempts by SDCC to leave peoples rubbish behind.

"I have spoken to everyone involved which includes myself and most of us will not be purging our contempt" said Mick Murphy the Campaign Organiser & Secretary in South Dublin. "We have been continuing to protest against attempts by the Council to foist this tax on us. We know it is only the thin end of the wedge and before long would be over 1000 euro " Mr Murphy said.

South Dublin County Council placed adds in local papers this week showing that they have collected 10.7 Million euro on this tax in the past two years. "That is 28,000 houses who have cleared the 380 euro bill over the past two years out of the 73,000 houses in the County. Even allowing for 10% who would have waivers that still leaves 58% not paying. Therefore we have majority support in areas like Tallaght, Clondalkin & Lucan for what we are doing" Mr Murphy said.

"People are sick of the double standards in this Country. We have the various scandals including people admitting in public that they have bribed politicians and council officials and nothing is been done to them yet we are carted off for for fighting this new tax. It is people like us who pay the bulk of the taxes." Mr Murphy said.

For confirmation contact Mick Murphy on 086-9683814.

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