Ireland: Parliament deputies call on union leaders to act on bin tax crisis

The three TDs said in a statement:

Three members of the Irish parliament, Joe Higgins TD, Tony Gregory TD, and Finian McGrath TD, called on the Irish trade union leadership to act to secure suspension of the bins non-collection policy in Dublin. cwi online

Parliament deputies call on union leaders to act on bin tax crisis

"We note the refuse bin collection service in South Dublin is not on today because trade union bin workers responded to a major residents’ protest which was held in opposition to the jailing of six residents by the High Court yesterday (4 November) and to the new policy of non-collection of taxpayers’ bins because they are boycotting the bin tax."

"We call on the leadership of SIPTU and IMPACT trade unions, which organise bin workers, to immediately intervene. We call on the Congress of Trade Unions equally to intervene."

"In particular, we call on these leading trade unionists to secure an end to the draconian new policy by the Councils in Dublin to leave uncollected the refuse bins of thousands of taxpayers. This would immediately end the protests and jailings and allow the debate on the bin tax to be carried on in discussions between the trade unions and the Government and up to the local elections next year."

Finian McGrath TD, Tony Gregory TD, Joe Higgins TD

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