Ireland: Rank hypocrisy of judicial/ political establishment revealed

Fianna Fáil T.D., G.V. Wright badly injures a pedestrian and walks away with a €900 fine.

Anti bin tax campaigner Mick Murphy sent to jail for three weeks and fined €1,500 for peaceful protest.

The jailing today of leading Anti Bin Tax Campaigner, Mick Murphy for three weeks, with a fine of €1,500 imposed, shows up the rank hypocrisy of the judicial and political establishment in this State.

Only last Friday, Fianna Fáil T.D., G.V. Wright, walked out of court with a fine of only €900, after being involved in a potentially lethal collision with a pedestrian.

The machinery of the state is being used quite ruthlessly in an attempt to smash the movement of ordinary working people in the greater Dublin area against the bin tax.

This will not succeed.

There are now seven protestors in Mountjoy and Wheatfield jails. But these jailings and previous jailings will not weaken the determination of compliant taxpayers, PAYE workers and contributory pensioners not to allow a new tier of local taxation to be foisted upon them.

Trade Unions Must Act

It is high time that the leadership of the trade union movement acted in opposition to the repression against decent taxpayers over their continued opposition to the bin tax.

It is the policy of most trade unions to oppose the bin tax. I am now calling on the trade unions leaders to organise immediate action around a demand for the suspension of the new policy of non-collection of householders’ waste being implemented by the four Dublin local authorities.

Joe Higgins T.D. can be contacted at (01) 618 3038

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