cwi: election campaigns 2004 – England and Wales

Socialist Party councillor Dave Nellist was re-elected with the highest poll in the St Michael’s ward with 1,586 votes, and Socialist Party councillor Karen Mackay came second with 1,449 votes – also being re-elected.

cwi election campaigns 2004. England and Wales.

Increase in socialist vote in Coventry

 Unfortunately our third Socialist Party councillor Rob Windsor was beaten on this occasion by just 16 votes by a New Labour candidate, despite getting a higher vote than when he won his position. This loss was partly due to boundary changes, high resident turnover in the ward, and the fact that Rob was in bottom place on the ballot paper. This was the first time all three SP candidates have stood for election at the same time.

Our three Socialist Party St Michael’s candidates polled significantly more than New Labour, gaining 4,236 votes compared to Labour’s 3,536. We have demonstrated once again that we have built a solid and increasing base of support. Across Coventry city the Socialist Party, standing everywhere as Socialist Alternative, gained 8,617 votes in total, with 423 in Binley Willenhall, 565 in Whoberley, 527 in Henley, 561 in Lower Stoke, and many other good results of 400 plus votes.

Elsewhere, other Socialist Party candidates gained very good results. Standing for the first time in Lincoln, Ryan Hayward got an excellent 16% (329 votes), Jess Leech in Lewisham got 13% (374 votes) and in Merseyside Netherton and Orrel seat Pete Glover got 706 votes, with Marie Savin on 537 votes and Michael Brierley on 485. We received 12% in Stoke with 312 votes and 378 votes in Newcastle Byker.

We will present full results next week.

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