Germany: WASG campaign in Aachen

Socialist Alternative members stood with others as WASG candidates

More than 50 WASG members and supporters met on the night of the elections to follow the election results and obviously also wanted to find out how WASG did in the elections.

They had fought a six week long election campaign and most of those present were extremely satisfied with WASG’s 2.2% result.

Dietmar Schütteler, senior shop steward and constituency candidate for WASG in Aachen South region said: “WASG is now the fifth strongest political force in North Rhine Westphalia! We will continue to chase the established parties!”

Following the first exit polls, it became obvious that WASG would not manage to get elected into the regional Parliament but nevertheless everybody had stories to tell about the good response WASG received on the streets.

There was no sign of disappointment: With 3.4% in Alsdorf (Aachen region), Jo Schieren received one of the best results for the WASG in the whole of North Rhine Westphalia. He stood as a consituency candidate for the WASG but Jo, who is a 37 year old painter and decorator, is also a member of SAV (Socialist Alternative, CWI in Germany). He said: “I did not dare to dream of such a good result!”

SAV played an important role in WASG’s election campaign in Aachen. In parts of the city where SAV has continuously conducted campaigning activity over the last years, WASG results stood out.

Aachen is divided into two constituencies for the regional state elections. Anja Balssat, SAV member who was the direct candidate for WASG in one of them received 1101 votes or 2.0%.

The constituencies are divided into smaller districts and in the district where SAV member and “Together against social cuts” councillor Marc Treude lives, WASG scored 5.7% of the vote.

In another district in the Aachen region where a new SAV member lives and campaigned for WASG, the new party received 10.3% and came third.

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