Poland: model protest letter

Model solidarity letter (see article)


expresses its solidarity with the struggle of miners from KWK Budryk in Ornontowice in Silesia and with their trade union. We oppose the sacking of Krzysztof Łabądź, Chairperson of the Factory Commission of the Free Trade Union "Sierpień 80" in the mine "KWK Budryk".

We consider this to be an attempt to prevent legal strike action, which all trade unionists must oppose. The actions of the mine’s management is not only a violation of Polish law, but is also a brutal attack on basic worker and trade union rights which for over 150 years the labour movement has fought for and defended.

Employers, whether they are the state or private owners, cannot have the right to arbitrarily judge whether a strike is illegal. We cannot allow participation in a strike to be justification for sacking its participants.

The actions of the mine’s management is a practical attempt to apply a lockout, which Polish law does not yet recognise.

We condemn the management’s intimidation of trade union activists and forcing them to sign a "loyalty oath" in return for reinstating them at work.

We believe that if all trade unions do not show solidarity and defend the trade union and workers’ rights which have been violated in KWK Budryk, tomorrow they themselves will become victims of similar actions on the part of their own employer.

 Yours in solidarity and struggle,


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