Scotland: Launch of The Socialist newspaper

New journal continues struggle for a powerful socialist alternative

The Socialist is the new paper of the International Socialists – the Scottish section of the Committee for a Worker’s International (CWI). The new paper is being launched as a 12 page paper (4 pages in full colour) from September 2007. It marks an important milestone in the development of the work of the CWI in Scotland. But it will also see a continuation of the Marxist ideas and analysis of our predecessors the ‘Militant’ International Socialist newspapers.

The Socialist is launched at an important time in Scottish politics 2007 saw the election of a Scottish National Party (SNP) government for the first time, which will have important consequences. Many people, understandably, will hope the SNP will be able to deliver substantial change after 8 years of the previous Labour/LibDem [Liberal Democrats] regime.

However, with the SNP embarked on a path that is clearly pro-big business these hopes will be dashed. The Socialist will continue to argue and work to build a viable socialist movement that will stand on the side of the working class, young people and the oppressed, both here in Scotland, across Britian, and internationally.

We are proud to work alongside our sister parties in England, Wales and Ireland who also produce newspapers called the Socialist. While defending a socialist and internationalist viewpoint we will also be the strongest advocates for the right of the people of Scotland to determine their own relationship with the rest of Britian.

The International Socialists and the Committee for a Workers’ International have consistently supported the democratic rights of the people of Scotland, including the right to be an independent country.

However, we seek to explain the need to fight for a socialist Scotland if we are to solve the 21st century crimes of poverty, inequality and war. That requires the building of a strong united working class and socialist movement across borders, countries and continents to end capitalism and build a socialist future.

The national question in Scotland has entered a new and more fluid situation and the Socialist will aim to provide a clear sighted Marxist commentary and analysis of these issues.

Unique insight into workers’ struggles

The Socialist will also provide a unique insight into the struggles of workers and trade unionists – in many cases directly written by participants in these movements.

Our members have recently played a leading role in the important victory of 600 Glasgow Social Care Workers.

Our members, who include nursery nurses, local government workers, postal workers and members who play a leading role in the PCS union, are to the fore fighting the attacks on pensions, jobs and working conditions.

We also were also founders of Solidarity – Scotland’s Socialist Movement which emerged from the Scottish elections as the main socialist force in Scotland. We will provide extensive reports on the work of Solidarity in the pages of the Socialist. We are working to build Solidarity into a powerful force for socialist change in Scotland.

In the pages of our new paper readers will find unique reports and analysis from an international perspective. We have unparallel access to reports on the ground and from the frontline on the issues facing working class people from the over 40 countries across the world that the CWI is active in.

The Socialist is the only paper (written, edited and printed in Scotland) advancing a consistent socialist and internationalist alternative to poverty, inequality and the capitalist system itself.

The Socialist needs your support. You can help assist our work in Scotland by taking out a subscription for the paper and consider joining the International Socialists today.

Front page and subscription form (pdf files, open in new windows)

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