Israel: International Women’s day demonstration

Fighting against layoffs and harassing bosses

Socialist Struggle Movement (CWI in Israel) participated, on Saturday 7 March, in a protest march in Tel-Aviv to mark International Women’s Day.

The recent year has been particularly difficult for working women in Israel and generally, with wars, inflation, social crisis, poverty and domestic violence. The coming year is already ominous, with the world economic crisis and the expected decrees of the new ‘Bibi’ (Netanyahu) government. As the economic crisis develops, the working class pay the price, through layoffs and cuts in working hours. In this climate, working women, at home and in the workplace, will be compelled to initiate struggles for better living conditions and against the exploitation.

Hundreds of protestors – women and men, Jews and Arabs – came out on Saturday, for a protest march in Tel-Aviv to mark the International Women’s Day – a day of international solidarity, marking the ongoing struggle of Women against exploitation, oppression and discrimination

Several organisations, including Socialist Struggle Movement, participated in the march, which was organised by the “Coalition of Women for Peace” organisation. During the march, we distributed the new issue of our paper, held a few placards, and shouted our slogans

Our slogans

  • Fighting against layoffs – and against harassing bosses
  • Layoffs and Privatisations Not keeping silent – getting organised
  • We won’t be exploited – all power to the workers
  • The women are getting organised for a struggle for rights
  • Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies
  • Racism and Wars – not keeping silent – Struggling

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