Northern Ireland: No more killings!

No return to sectarian conflict

The Northern Irish Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions has called for “silent protest” rallies, today (11 March), across N Ireland, in protest at the recent shootings of two British soldiers, pizza delivery workers and a policeman by dissident Republican paramilitaries, over the last few days.

The following is a Socialist Party (CWI Ireland) Special Bulletin that will be widely circulated during today’s rallies.

No more killings!

The killings by the Real IRA and the Continuity IRA of two soldiers and a policeman should be roundly condemned by every section of the working class movement.

Working class people today face an unprecedented assault on jobs and on wages. Our public services are threatened by cuts and privatisation. More than ever we need to stand united to defend living standards.

The killings in Antrim and Lurgan are a reactionary attempt to divert the attention of workers away from the class issues that bring people together by stirring up sectarian division…

Special Bulletin of The Socialist (pdf), paper of the Socialist Party, Ireland.

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