Kazakhstan: Well-known socialist activist, Ainur Kurmanov, released after 15 days imprisonment

A message of solidarity & thanks to international supporters

Ainur being released from prison

A leading member of Socialist Resistance Kazakhstan (CWI), Ainur Kurmanov, was recently sentenced to 15 days administrative arrest for “organising on the 22nd July a non sanctioned meeting with the aim of planning a picket for handing a petition to the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev through the Almaty City Akim demanding the resignation of the government”!

Following his release, Ainur sent this message to all those who campaigned against his arrest by the authoritarian Nazarbayev regime:

“Dear Comrades,

“I want to personally, and on behalf of Sotsialisticheskoe soprotivleniye Kazakhstan, warmly thank comrades for their help and support. As I left prison there were lots of supporters to meet me. I heard of the huge work that the CWI has done to organise such a big campaign of support – literally dozens of letters of support from over 30 countries – Venezuela, Malaysia, Sweden, France, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Britain and others. During the 15 days of my imprisonment there were pickets of the Kazakh diplomatic missions in New York, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Moscow, Hong Kong! It should be specially noted the letter from the Member of the European Parliament and well-known socialist Joe Higgins.

“With revolutionary greetings, Ainur Kurmanov, CWI Kazakhstan.”

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