Kazakhstan: Clamp down on opposition press continues

‘Voice of the Republic’ newspaper staff harassed and arrested

The latest run of the in Almaty city-based newspaper ‘Voice of the Republic’ is under attack. It already has to publish in almost underground conditions as the main printing presses in the city have refused to print it under pressure from the authorities. All through the day on 13 January, van drivers for the newspaper were stopped by the traffic police, who were accompanied by police and plain police (probably KNB). The editorial office has been placed under observation.

At one of main junctions in the city, a car belonging to the paper, driven by Aidar Burashev, was stopped by a group made up of the traffic police, police, from the procuror’s office and again plain clothes officers. Around 3,000 copies of the newspaper were seized, with no explanation. An hour later, Aidar was taken to one of the city’s police stations.

Journalists are currently occupying the office of the ‘Voice of the Republic’ newspaper. Messages of support (mentioning that you heard about their plight from the CWI) can be sent to respublika_kz@list.ru or by phoning +7 727 2733405 with copies of any protest sent to ainur1917@gmail.com

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