Sweden: Solidarity with the revolution in Egypt

From CWI Sweden

On Saturday, demonstrations in Gothenburg and Stockholm gathered 500 and 800 participants respectively. The initiative came from Rättisepartiet Socialisterna (RS, CWI Sweden), cooperating with other organisations and left parties.

"Previously, the people in Tunisia and Egypt feared the dictatorships, today the dictators fear the people", said Kristofer Lundberg, speaking for RS in Gothenburg. "The revolution needs to take the offensive, aiming to split the military on classlines and overthrow the entire regime in Egypt", said Elin Gauffin, RS speaker in Stockholm. RS also rasied the issue of Swedish arms export to the regimes in the region.

Other speakers in Gothenburg came from an Egyptian organisation and different Iranian communist parties. In Stockholm, Hans Linde, foreign policy spokesperson from the Left Party spoke, as did representatives of "Coordination for change and democracy in Greater Magreb and Middle East", the Green Party and Lebanese Mothers.

RS sold around 180 papers at the two demos and got some new contacts. The party also holds public meetings around the country.

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