Breaking News: Paul Murphy MEP and other activists released; on flight home

Gaza Flotilla activists abducted in international waters and illegally held for 7 days by the Israeli state

Officials in the office of the President of the European Union have confirmed that Paul Murphy, Socialist Party MEP for Dublin, and the other activists imprisoned by Israel for the past week have now been released and are currently travelling back to Ireland. They will arrive in Dublin airport at approximately 15:45 local time. All mobile phones and computers belonging to the activists were confiscated by the Israeli army.

Paul will be giving a press conference when he arrives in Dublin, explaining the ill treatment that he and the other activists have faced from the Israeli state. Paul stresses that the treatment of the flotilla activists is only a fraction, though wholly indicative, of the abhorrent, vicious and daily repression that the Palestinian people suffer at the hands of the Israeli regime.

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