Britain: Hundreds rally for socialism at successful ‘Socialism 2011′ event

“Clarity of ideas, visionary strategy, combined with an astute tactical appreciation of the critical need to raise the mass consciousness of the working class.”

Almost 1000 people attended the ‘Rally for Socialism’ held as the centre piece of the Socialist Party’s (CWI England & Wales) ‘Socialism 2011’ weekend on 5 & 6 November. This tremendous event brought together key layers of young people, trade unionists and workers engaged in the opening skirmishes of the mammoth class struggle beginning in Britain, and across the world.

Along with the final rally of the Jarrow March (see previous article on on Saturday 5 November and the opening and closing rallies, there were a huge range of workshops. These covered topics ranging from basic introductions of Marxism and socialism, to sessions detailing perspectives for the world economy and how to take the revolutions in the Middle East forward. There was a real thirst for an understanding of Marxism, and for debate.

’Socialism’ opened by highlighting the struggles that have taken place over the last year, both in Britain and internationally. There were speakers from the ‘Jarrow March’, from the Occupation in the US city of Boston, from Tunisia and others. The closing rally was nothing short of a thunderous call to action for taking the struggle against capitalism, and for socialism, forward. Speaker after speaker detailed the importance of the 30 November public sector general strike set to take place in Britain. It will most likely be the biggest one day general strike in the history of Britain.

Here we publish a video of Peter Taaffe, General Secretary of the Socialist Party and member of the International Secretariat of the CWI, addressing the Saturday night ‘Rally for Socialism’.

For a fuller report of the weekend from ‘the Socialist’ (weekly newspaper of the Socialist Party), including comments by attendees, visit their website here

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