Venezuela: National Guard occupies MONACA plant

Workers in conflict with management over unpaid wages

At approximately 5 am on Saturday 26 October the National Guard took over the MONACA plant in Puerto Cabello Carabobo State, Venezuela, with no explanation for this action given to the plant workers. The workers at the food processing plant have been in conflict with management since August.

The workers request and need the working class in Venezuela and internationally to stand in solidarity with their struggle and assist them in their demand for the Venezuelan government to respond to the legitimate demands of workers at MONACA .

For 13 weeks these workers have not received their wages. Since 5 August, the management unilaterally shut the plant and started a campaign of legal man oeuvres in collusion with officials from the Venezuelan state bureaucracy at the Labor Ministry who blamed the workers for the plant’s closure.

Workers have reaffirmed, once again, their commitment to save the plant, but demand full guarantees of wages being paid.

Workers have received no reply to their demands. But the ‘reply’ they received last Saturday was a surprise – more than 100 members of the National Guard arrived and took over the plant.

More attempts at repression and criminalization of the workers are possible. We appeal, along with workers at MONACA, for all unions, workers’ and left-wing political organizations and human rights’ organizations to support this struggle. Letters of protest should be sent to: The Offices of the Vice-Presidency of the Republic, the Ministry of Food and Labor and others below:

Vice President of the Republic: twitter: @ vicevenezuela, @ jaarreaza

Ministry of Food. Fax: Office of the Minister: 0058 – +212-578-46-66

Office of the President of the Republic:

Twitter: @ NoAlSabotaje , @ NicolasMaduro

Labour Inspectorate of Valencia Edo. Carabobo: Fax. 0058 – +241-408-4393 / 4497

MONACA , / con_prin.html

Please send copies to Socialismo Revolucionario at

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