Venezuela: Socialismo Revolucionario supporters elected General Secretary and Financial Secretary of public financial union

Part of struggle against bureaucratisation of union

Members of Socialismo Revolucionario (CIT/ CWI Venezuela) won the leadership of the ‘Fogade’ trade union, with more then 60% of the votes cast. This magnificent win represents a victory for workers and also the class politics developed by Socialismo Revolucionario comrades in Fogade and the Socialismo Revolucionario organisation in Venezueala.

It was over two years ago that a group of workers in Fogade (the public financial institute that helps to regulate the Venezuelan economy) started the fight against the stagnation and bureaucratisation of their trade union and the outdated leadership that turned its back on the needs of the workers. Despite having to overcome many obstacles, firstly in actually winning the right to hold union elections and secondly fighting against various union platforms that represented the bosses and the old leadership, our ‘Platform 1’ won the elections, with more then 60% of the vote. Two Socialismo Revolucionario comrades now hold the positions of General Secretary and Financial Secretary of the union.

We congratulate the workers of Fogade for this important and vital step forward. Now the most urgent task of the newly-elected leadership is to fight for the rights of the workers and for its class character.

Today is an important date for our organisation in Venezuela and our success represents our correct political analysis and the necessity to struggle for the day-to-day demands of the working class while linking these to the need for revolutionary and democratic socialism. It also represents a huge win against the bureaucracy that has developed during the ‘Bolivarian Process’, especially in the last 6 years.

Our demands during the campaign and beyond are for:

1. Independent trade unions

2. Collective Agreements

3. Full employment regardless of position

4. Unconditional defence of working rights

5. Solidarity with workers in struggle nationally and internationally

6. A new united and independent trade union movement in Venezuela

We welcome send messages of solidarity, especially different comrades in sections of the CWI, to the workers of Fogade and to Socialismo Revolucionario (CIT/ CWI Venezuela). Please send (in English or Spanish) to:

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February 2012