Venezuela: Solidarity with workers and unions at FOGADE

No to union discrimination and repression!

We have been asked by the workers at FOGADE, a public fund which protects banking deposits, to engage in a campaign of international solidarity with their struggle. They have been submitted to a vicious campaign of anti-union discrimination and intimidation, which involves continuous threats and intimidation by bosses, banning workers from joining (or even speaking to!) their trade union. This has been directed against members and supporters of Socialismo Revolucionario (CWI in Venezuela), among others.

This has included death threats, and comes amid a dangerous climate. Recent reports detail the cowardly assasination of two trade unionists at IPASME, another public sector workplace involved in a similar struggle.

We urgently as socialists and trade unionists internationally to send protest messages denouncing this intimidation and in defence of trade union right and freedoms, to the following addresses:

And tweet to:




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