Hong Kong: District Council elections

Socialist Action candidate gets one third of the vote

In yesterday’s election for 18 District Councils in Hong Kong, after an extremely vigorous campaign, Sally Mei Ching Tang won 1,152 votes – 33% of all those cast in Ha Pak Tin ward. The incumbent politician’s vote went down by around 500 to 2320 since the last election. Sally, who stood as part of an electoral alliance with the League of Social Democrats (LSD), commented before the election that one of the aims of the campaign was to assist the struggle of residents in the area to take control over public funds and political power. “I’m a socialist” she said in an interview. “And believe we cannot get a fair deal for working people, the elderly, the youth, while the economy is controlled by a few super-rich tycoons.” This result is a great achievement and a full report will be carried soon on this site.

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