Solidarity: Protest in support of Spanish student strike attacked

Hong Kong protesters assaulted at support action for Wednesday’s national school strike

Socialist Action (CWI) members were attacked at the Spanish consulate in Hong Kong today while protesting peacefully in solidarity with Wednesday’s (26/10) nationwide school and student strike in Spain called by Sindicato de Estudiantes. Two protesters were assaulted and had their mobile phones confiscated. The assailant was Santiago Martinez-Caro, Spain’s Consul General. He is described as Hong Kong’s first “billionaire Consul General”. Police intervened to get back the stolen mobile phones. League of Social Democrats legislator ‘Long Hair’ Leung Kwok-hung also arrived at the consulate to show his support for the protest. One protester had to go to hospital for an arm injury suffered in the attack. “Clearly, the Spanish government’s representatives are very uneasy about Wednesday’s school strike and international attention. The violent response by the Hong Kong consulate officials is unprecedented – there are dozens of protests every day in Hong Kong and rarely anything like this happens!” said Sally Tang Mei-ching of Socialist Action. “We have filed a police complaint against the consulate and are discussing to call a new protest against the violence,” she said.


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