Sudan: Free Mohamed Satti and all political prisoners!

CWI supporter Mohamed Diaeldin Mohamed Satti, 21, is among the protesters who have been arrested by the Sudanese State last week, as part of the brutal response of Al Bashir’s regime to the ensuing wave of protests against skyrocketing prices and austerity. Mohamed’s arrest took place last Wednesday afternoon, as he participated in a peaceful march in central Khartoum. 

Reportedly more than 400 political activists and protesters are currently detained in the country, including nine members of the political bureau of the Sudanese Communist Party, leading members of the National Umma Party, and others. This hysterical campaign of mass arrests has extended to include Sudanese and foreign journalists who were reporting about the protests, and highlights the regime’s fear that any form of even mild criticism of its policies could be the spark that lit the fuse of a mass revolt. 

According to protesters who have been released, the security services are forcing the detainees to sign a document pledging to stop engaging in any demonstrations or political activities in the future. Those who have refused to sign, like Mohamed, have been kept inside. The prisoners are refused visits by their families, have had their heads shaved off and are being physically mistreated. 

The CWI demands the immediate release of Mohamed Satti along with all the other political prisoners. We call on all our supporters internationally to protest to the Sudanese authorities, embassies and consulates around the world to that effect. We call on all who can to express their solidarity with Mohamed and the other detainees by sending photos and messages of support to

Below, a few pictures from protest actions and solidarity pictures that have already taken place in the last days, from various parts of the world.


sudan solidarity nigeria5

sudan solidarity nigeria8

sudan solidarity nigeria7


sudan solidarity belgium

sudan solidarity belgium2


sudan solidarity mexico

sudan solidarity mexico2

sudan solidarity mexico3

sudan solidarity mexico4


sudan solidarity london2

sudan solidarity london

sudan solidarity london3

sudan solidarity EW


sudan solidarity India

sudan solidarity india3





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