End repression of Chilean workers – General strike now!

  • The repression of the Chilean workers and youth must stop
  • For a general strike and an end to the State of Emergency

The Military General Javier Iturriaga, who is in charge of the State of Emergency in Santiago, is the son of the former Deputy Head of the secret police, DINA, under Pinochet, General Raul Iturriaga Neuman. Nueman was a renowned torturer – responsible for a secret detention centre “La Venda Sexy” or the “Discotheque”. It got this name because of the loud music that was played to mask the screams of the prisoners being tortured and subjected to sexual abuse.

The current regime is proving to be a continuation of Pinochet’s dictatorship. Many of the brutal laws and methods of the Pinochet period are still in place and continue to be utilised by the current regime.

The following videos give a glimpse of how the protesters are being treated. Socialism Revolucionario (CWI Chile) appeal to the soldiers to not to shoot at the protesters. We demand that all unions and opposition forces call a general strike immediately to take control from the current regime.

  • End the constitution of Pinochet
  • For a revolutionary Constituent Assembly and a workers’ government with democratic socialist policies



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