Britain: 170,000 workers strike over cost of living crisis

On Saturday, 1st October, the biggest strike coordination yet in 2022 in Britain took place in the struggle against the cost-of-living crisis, Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales) reports.  Around 170,000 workers in the unions CWU (including in N Ireland), RMT, Alsef, TSSA, and Unite took action.

The Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales) says:

  •  All strike together for a real pay rise! The TUC must step up and organise to coordinate action
  •  If the Tories try to implement their new anti-trade union plans, they must be met with a 24-hour general strike
  • The TUC should launch an appeal to build a massive strike fund to assist those unions on the front line
  •  Kick out the Tories
  •  Starmer’s New Labour doesn’t speak for us;  Fight for a new working-class party
  •  Nationalise rail, mail, energy and utilities under democratic working-class control and management, with compensation only on the basis of proven need
  • Take the wealth off the super-rich. For a socialist alternative to capitalism’s poverty and crisis

Click on the link to see a gallery of photos of strike action across Britain on 1 October: Saturday 1st October – Picket photos – Socialist Party


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