Support surges for left candidates in elections to general council of NIPSA, Northern Ireland’s largest union

The General Council (GC) is the Executive body of the Northern Ireland Public Services Alliance (NIPSA) which takes critical decisions on the actions and decisions of the union between conference. The election is an important part of the democratic process of the union.

In NIPSA’s annual 2024/25 GC election, the Broad Left and Democracy Now candidates achieved a massive victory, with their numbers on the body increased from 16 to 19 , including 3 Militant Left (CWI Ireland) comrades.

The Left stood on a platform calling for a General Council that will…

*Fight for decent jobs, pay and services.

*Use all possible means, including campaigns, legal advice and intelligent Industrial Action to improve members living standards.

*For a cross-community Union that represents ALL members.

*Ensure the union is democratically accountable to NIPSA members.

The campaign provoked discussion among NIPSA members about what type of trade union we need. It is evident from the vote that there is a strong mood among activists and members for the union to take a more fighting stance on behalf of members.

The Left majority outgoing GC, who were all re-elected, delivered on a fight back strategy which propelled the union into serious industrial action the majority of sections of the union. This action was on on issues of pay in education and civil service and in health pay, safe staffing and mileage.

The election result demonstrates that militant fighting leadership is key to strengthening the union and puts Broad Left and Democracy Now in a strong position to push the union in the direction of a more fighting defence of members’ wages, terms and conditions in the forthcoming year.

NIPSA’s constitution includes the aim of a ‘socialist economy’, and Militant Left members will continue to raise arguments in favour of socialist change for the betterment of the working class.


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February 2024