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History: 40 years since the Portuguese revolution
Brazil: Workers from IMBEL of Itabujá-MG on indefinite strike
South Africa: Socialist election campaign at full throttle
Bangladesh: One year on from Rana Plaza disaster

South Africa: Socialist election campaign at full throttle

24/04/2014: Building a bridgehead to a new mass workers’ party

  South Africa

Bangladesh: One year on from Rana Plaza disaster

24/04/2014: Protest letter from Paul Murphy and other MEP’s


Chile: Socialism 2014 a success!

22/04/2014: First Santiago Socialism event organised by CWI in Chile


Sri Lanka: Provincial elections spike president’s plans

20/04/2014: Repression can provoke opposition

  Sri Lanka

China: Labour disputes soar

17/04/2014: 40,000 workers paralyse world’s largest sports shoe maker


Greece: International anti-fascist conference “No pasaran!”

16/04/2014: Four thousand attend three-day event in Athens


South Africa: Enthusiastic response for WASP ahead of May elections

15/04/2014: WASP campaigning material available on pdf

  South Africa

India: Massive election process could end in turmoil

14/04/2014: New party expresses, but cannot solve, major discontents


Cyprus: Austerity sees living standards fall back 40 years

11/04/2014: One year of the right wing Anastasiades government


Britain: Dave Nellist on BBC outlining TUSC’s socialist policies

10/04/2014: Trade union and socialist coalition (TUSC) candidate count reaches 476 for May local election


Taiwan: Occupation of parliament ends after 23 days

10/04/2014: What are the lessons of the island’s ‘sunflower movement’?


Hungary: Election highlights lack of Left challenge

09/04/2014: Declining vote for ruling Fidész party; neo-fascist Jobbik picks up 20% as false ‘alternative’


Environment: Ukraine crisis exploited by multinational fracking lobby

09/04/2014: Oppose the pro-big business EU/ US Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership!

  Environment, Ukraine

Belgium: 50,000 join ETUC Brussels demonstration

08/04/2014: Protesters’ radical mood


Britain: One in ten council seats will have TUSC candidate

07/04/2014: No-cuts election challenge grows


Review: Net political impact

06/04/2014: To Save Everything, Click Here • By Evgeny Morozov •


Belgium: The rise of the PTB/PvdA

05/04/2014: Recent polls confirm a probable electoral breakthrough for the Workers’ Party of Belgium (PTB/PvdA).


Ivory Coast: First victory for students at University of Cocody

04/04/2014: An important step to push the struggle against neo-liberal policies further

  Ivory Coast

Canada: Port of Vancouver truckers’ strike wins significant gains

03/04/2014: After bosses’ seen off - unions must defend their right to strike!



CWI: History of the Committee for a Workers’ International

21/04/2014: 40th anniversary of the founding of the CWI


comment & analysis

40 years since the Portuguese revolution

25/04/2014: A half-century of fascist rule was swept aside in a day.

Manny Thain, Socialist Party (CWI England and Wales)

  History, Portugal

Capitalist ‘Project Fear’ backfiring?

23/04/2014: The socialist case for independence

Philip Stott, Socialist Party Scotland


After Bob Crow and Tony Benn

24/03/2014: Mourn the loss, fight for the future

Peter Taaffe, from Socialism Today (No.177, April 2014), monthly magazine of the Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales)


Crimea breaks away to join Russia

18/03/2014: Tensions between powers worsen

Niall Mulholland, CWI

  Russia, Ukraine

Socialist Party playing key role in fight against East-West tunnel

13/03/2014: Campaign brings public transport to forefront of political debate

Mel Gregson and Stephen Jolly, Socialist Party (CWI in Australia), Melbourne


 International Women’s Day 2014

07/03/2014: Fighting austerity and oppression world-wide

Clare Doyle (Committee for a Workers’ International)


A year after Chavez’s death

06/03/2014: Commemorations in context of new crisis

By Gabriela Sanchez (CWI Venezuela).


Russian troops take up positions throughout Crimea

04/03/2014: Tensions deepen between Western powers and Moscow

CWI Reporters

  Russia, Ukraine

Still in the eye of the storm

26/02/2014: From the outside, it can appear there’s a certain pause in the struggle in Greece. Is this true?

Interview with Andros Payiatsos, Xekinima (CWI in Greece) published in Socialism Today


The fascist threat

08/02/2014: Deep economic crisis, savage austerity and social upheaval have polarised Greek society.

Christina Ziakka, Xekinima (CWI Greece) - translated by Amalia Loizidou. First published in Socialism Today


Three years on since the fall of Ben Ali

30/01/2014: New ‘technocratic’ government no response to workers’ demands

Serge Jordan and CWI supporters in Tunis


Lenin’s revolutionary legacy

20/01/2014: ‘Lenin’ by Lars T Lih

Peter Taaffe, from Socialism Today (No.175, February 2014)


Ariel Sharon
a brutal architect of monstrous crimes

17/01/2014: The butcher of Sabra and Shatila has died

Shahar Benhorin, Socialist Struggle Movement (CWI in Israel/Palestine)

  Israel / Palestine

Another year of mass struggles beckons

31/12/2013: Appeal of socialist change will grow

Peter Taaffe, general secretary of the Socialist Party (CWI England & Wales)

  Britain, Review

Latin America
Moving back into epicentre of world struggle

23/12/2013: Report of discussion on Latin America at CWI’s International Executive Committee

Danny Byrne, CWI

  Latin America

Popular revolution or sectarian conflict?

11/12/2013: What should be the attitude of the socialist left?

Goncalo Romeiro, Socialismo Revolucionario (CWI in Portugal). Article originally published in the latest edition of Ofensiva Socialista, paper of Socialismo Revolucionario.


South Africa
Mandela’s legacy

07/12/2013: Heroically leading ANC to power but struggle tragically into dead end

Weizmann Hamilton and Thamsanqa Dumezweni, DSM (CWI South Africa)

  South Africa

 World perspectives
Thesis for the International Executive Committee (IEC) of the CWI 2013

22/11/2013: The world situation and the tasks for the CWI

International Secretariat of the CWI

  CWI, CWI Comment And Analysis

A political party of the working class is born

20/11/2013: Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) holds inaugural convention

Hassan Taiwo Soweto, National Youth Leader, SPN


"Rio, a showcase for the world"

22/10/2013: The people no longer believe this farce! The fight continues, tomorrow it will be even bigger!

Mariana Cristina, LSR (CWI in Brazil), Rio de Janeiro




Exposing the economic blackmail of the IMF in Ukraine, 14/04/2014

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