Across Northern Ireland thousands of students walked out of schools on Day X, responding to the call from Youth Against War. The mood was determined.

A protest organised by various anti war groups including the Irish Anti War movement was held outside the Dail (Irish parliament) where a debate over the continued use of Shannon airport for US war aircraft to land and re-fuel was taking place. In the end, the government carried the debate by 77 votes to 60 and have...

Millions have protested against the start of the US led imperialist war against Iraq. As the reports from CWI sections posted on this site show, many of the demonstrations have been led and dominated by school students, aged from 11 years upwards. The CWI sections and International Socialist Resistance, which initiated...

No village or town in the country was without some kind of anti-war protest on Day X as people came out to oppose the war against Iraq. There were 85 major demonstrations in 36 provinces. There were strikes, marches, sit-ins. Traffic was stopped and railway lines were blocked as workers students and others came onto the...

The first day of the US led imperialist assault on Iraq has hugely increased the disgust and opposition from workers and youth against this war, against US imperialism and against the right wing Portuguese government that supports the war.

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