With these words workers and young people from all over Italy took to the streets in what is the biggest anti-war movement in history. Almost immediately, after news of the first bombings, action was taken on the streets.

The first cruise missiles began to rain down on Baghdad at around 3pm Thursday (NZ time), leaving local anti-war activists with very little time to mobilise people for the emergency anti-war rallies that were scheduled to take place in more than 13 towns and cities right across the country.

The main avenue in Lisbon - Avenida da Liberdade - was flooded by 90, 000 people saying ’No to War!’ last weekend. The three left parties in parliament - the Socialist (social-democratic) Party, Communist Party and Left Bloc - the CGTP (Portuguese TUC), and more then 140 organisations of all kinds, called...

New Labours’ conference in Dundee was besieged by three days of mass protests. Fire-fighters, pensioners, and council workers all showed their anger at Blair’s policies. Above all, it was a chance for a new generation to protest against war - school pupils and students - whose voices echoed around the city...

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