SO THE ’liberation’ of the Iraqis is beginning - with massive carpet bombing. The US military have planned to use ten times the amount of bombs dropped in the whole of the last Gulf War in the first 48 hours of this war. They are prepared to use ’moabs’, nicknamed the ’mother of all ...

The right wing cabal surrounding George Bush in the White House are determined to go to war with or without United Nations backing. Tony Blair is also determined to be in on the act. Take away the political window dressing, the recent statements by both leaders, particularly Bush’s warmongering State of the Union...

The final countdown has started towards Bush and Blair’s war on Iraq. Within days a murderous onslaught will be launched against the Iraqi people. Weapons like the devastating "Daisy cutter bombs", depleted uranium muntion and cluster bombs will rain down on Iraq and open the door to new horrors.

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