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Included here are ten articles commissioned by the Committee for a Workers’ International for use on and around March 8th – International Women’s Day. They have been circulated to the sections and groups of of the CWI in all five continents of the world to be used in their publications, in leaflets and at meetings or events being held around that time.

We hope you will find the material informative, inspiring and useful for discussion with people around you – especially, of course, working class women and young women in the schools, colleges etc. Everyone is welcome to send us their comments and ask for more information about our work.

Above all, we invite everyone who feels angry about the plight of women under capitalism and is prepared to fight to change things, to join our International. Join us in the fight for a better deal for women and an end to capitalism and all its attendant evils. We fight for a socialist society, where women can begin to breathe freely – where they and their partners and families are no longer humiliated and exploited and where the talent and abilities of all will have a chance to develop as never before.








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