Kazakhstan: CWI section established

A CONFERENCE of CWI members in Kazakhstan earlier this month was a great success. 20 comrades attended from Karaganda, Zhambul, Pavlodar, Uralsk and Almata. Visitors from Russia and from the CWI also attended.

Delegations from two other cities who couldn’t attend sent apologies and a letter agreeing to abide by any decisions.

Given the repressive nature of the regime in Kazakhstan, the conference was held over the border in Russia. Even so one comrade was removed from his train by police to prevent him attending. Three others arrived badly bruised with shining black eyes after being attacked by a group of thugs as they were gathering to travel.

After discussing the political position in Kazakhstan today and the crisis in both the ruling elite and opposition communist party, it was decided that now was the time to energetically launch an independent CWI organisation and youth organisation.

A special feature on the important growth of Trotskyism in Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, Moldova and Russia will be published next week.

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