Northern Ireland: Defend public services vote Socialist

For most people the only choice in this election is between the same old mix of sectarian and right wing politicians. But in two constituencies, voters will have a choice. The Socialist Party is standing two candidates and is mounting a determined campaign to build support for them.

Jim Barbour, Executive Committee member of the Fire Brigades union and one of the most outspoken trade unionists in Northern Ireland, is standing in South Belfast.

Tommy Black, a trade union and community activist and the Chair of the East Belfast Campaign Against the Water Tax, is standing in that constituency.

A vote for them is a vote to halt the privatisation of our services

It is a "NO" vote to water charges and "YES" vote to a campaign of mass non payment if they are introduced.

It is a vote against sectarian stalemate and division and for the unity of people in the working class communities and the workplaces to build a real peace process.

We are fielding two candidates in this election as a first concrete step to the building of a new party of the working class capable of providing a challenge to the sectarian political agenda and the right wing economic agenda of all the main parties.

In other constituencies, we are advocating a vote for any candidates who are standing on behalf of genuine community campaigns or for other radical and non sectartian candidates who are standing independently of the existing parties.

This article first appeared in the Socialist Voice, newspaper of the Socialist Party in Northern Ireland in a special supplement produced for the Northern Ireland Assembly elections in November 2003

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