pakistan turc-p: Stop Press. Negotiations break down in Pakistan Telecommunications

Formal negotiations between the Privatisation Commission, management of PTCL and the Action Committee broke down yesterday, 6 June.

This was a result of insistence of management and the government to get the unions to sign a deal on privatisation before discussing the question of wages and jobs in the company. A big debate is taking place within the Action Committee because some of the union leaders want to agree to such a deal, although fear the response of the workforce if they do. Other union leaders have threatened to restart the strike if the Privatisation Commission unilaterally announces privatisation once again. There were reports yesterday of workers taking wildcat strike action in response to indications that the privatisation process would be restarted by the government. It is likely that the issue of the privatisation of Pakistan Telecommunications will be discussed at the National Security Council tomorrow which brings together representatives from the military and leading members of the government.

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