Kazakhstan: Solidarity appeal: Protest the arrest of Ainur Kurmanov

CWI member assaulted by police and arrested

On 17 December, in the Special Regional Court of Almata Judge Turgumbaev once again sentenced Ainur Kurmanov (Socialist Resistance – CWI Kazakhstan) to 15 days of ‘administrative arrest’. This means he will be jailed until after the New Year.

During a meeting on Alma-Ata city’s New Square, organised by people whose savings had been lost and mortgages had been cancelled, as a result of the deepening economic crisis in Kazakhstan, Ainur was viciously attacked by a special squad of police organised to break up any peaceful protests as soon as they appear. They smashed his glasses, kicked his legs, and attempted to arrest him then and there, but had to back off as other protesters came to Ainur’s rescue.

Waiting until after Ainur had calmed protesters down and protesters went home, the police shamefully arrested Ainur and took him to the Bostandyckoye Police Station where, without explanation, he was held from 11.00am until evening. It took the police this time to hurriedly arrange for one of the off-duty judges to organise a court and rushed through a ‘hearing’. No evidence was offered by the police, false witnesses were presented, and Ainur’s lawyer was prevented from attending.

Afraid of an open and honest trial, the city authorities in a cowardly fashion and under cover, once again jailed this fighter for working people, with no regard for even the unjust laws of Kazakhstan.

Ainur will be in prison until the New Year and needs moral support and information.

Please send urgent protests demanding Ainur’s immediate release to:

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