Slovenia: Students smash parliament buildings in anger at government’s attacks

10,000 students and school students protested in Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, on 19 May. A demonstration began on Preseren Square. Students then moved to the Slovenian parliament and smashed its facade with eggs, stones and bottles. The plenary session in the Parliament was interrupted.

The government is trying to abolish low-tax jobs for working students, forcing them into jobs with worse conditions. According to the plan of the government on "mini jobs", students would only be allowed to work 14 hours per week, and their wages would be limited to a maximum of €8 (minimum €3.50) per hour. These “mini jobs” would be the same for students, pupils, the unemployed and pensioners.

More than one third of students are so far working more than the planned limit of 14 hours per week. State benefits for students are much to low to allow students to finance their lives. Cynically, the government argues that students should concentrate more on their studies!

Associated Press reported that Katja Soba, a student leader, said the students have a right to earn their money to pay fees. She says that politicians, while young, "had sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll. We’ll have mini jobs and loans to pay."

A video of the protests can be seen here

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