WikiLeaks: Government turns the screws on whistle-blowing site

The continuing publication of leaked US diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks highlights the role US imperialism plays in every corner of the world.

The cover-ups of appalling atrocities in Iraq and Afghanistan and other countries; the cynical and blatant bribery and corruption; propping up reactionary regimes; interfering with and subverting the democratic process.

All this to further the interests of US capitalism. The rights of workers and poor are not even given a second thought.

As bad as the revelations are, socialists already knew about many of the lengths US imperialism would go to, to further its grip on the world.

The leaks have also lifted a corner on the sickening sycophancy of many government leaders keen to impress their ally. The US diplomats’ candid views on them has caused much embarrassment and left the likes of Gordon Brown and "lightweight" David Cameron, to name but two, squirming.

All the leaks so far have been ’grade B’ leaks and future leaks will likely be of the same order. The ’grade A’ secrets, the secret treaties, the plans to overthrow governments, etc, are guarded far more closely.

Following the October 1917 Russian revolution led by the Bolsheviks, Leon Trotsky publicised the secret treaties made between the Tsarist regime and its western allies. These agreements confirmed that World War One was a capitalist adventure and that millions were being slaughtered to further the interests of the ruling classes.


The current leaks have nonetheless provoked a wave of rage and fury in the US government and among right-wing politicians; much of it aimed at the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange.

For some of them, such as Republican Mike Huckabee, nothing short of his execution will do!

Assange, at the time of writing, is in jail in Britain fighting a European arrest warrant to answer allegations of rape in Sweden, even though no charges have been made as yet. His arrest in Britain (after handing himself in) and the refusal to grant bail (despite offers of bail surety), has led many of his supporters to suggest his current situation is linked to his website.

His supporters also believe that his arrest has CIA (the US spy agency) boot prints all over it.

Any charges must be properly heard and Assange should have the right to defend himself.

Internet companies have decided that now is the time to make their contribution to the campaign for freedom of speech and information. First the WikiLeaks domain name was withdrawn and PayPal have closed the account that was used to make donations. You can of course still use PayPal to make donations to the Ku Klux Klan, an extreme right-wing white supremacist outfit!

At the time of writing the website is still up and prominent newspapers are still publishing the cables. There have also been attacks made on the websites of companies like Amazon and others that have taken measures to undermine WikiLeaks.

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December 2010