Ireland: Paul Murphy challenges Barosso’s claim to “support” Ireland

The Commission wants to introduce legislation that would ensure that ordinary people will be forced to bailout the banks and speculators.

I made my maiden speech in the European Parliament today. I decided to use the opportunity to challenge the claim of the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barosso, that, “Europe is trying to ‘support’ Ireland”. Despite Mr. Barosso’s claim, the Commission wants to introduce legislation that would ensure that ordinary people in Europe will be forced to support and bailout the banks and speculators and that their proposals will mean permanent austerity.

The Commission hopes to introduce this mechanism for permanent austerity through changes to the European Treaties and hope that these changes can be introduced without holding a referendum. This is an absolute disgrace and completely contradicts the Yes side’s claims during the Lisbon Treaty debate. It is absolutely imperative that the left fights for a referendum on this issue.

Here is the video of my speech, I will be putting these up on the blog aswell in future (as well as the blog posts and press releases), along with any replies I get. Unfortunately on this occasion Mr. Barosso declined to respond to my speech. Here it is:

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