UPDATE – Kazakhstan: Socialist activist arrested – AND RELEASED

Police detain Arman Ozhaubaev and claim his location ‘unknown’

UPDATE, 8.30pm London time: It’s been reported that Arman Ozhaubaev was released. Thanks for all international solidarity. Socialistworld.net will keep you informed

Today (9 April) at 22:43 local time in Almaty, a Socialist Movement Kazakhstan and CWI activist, Arman Ozhaubaev, was arrested by police. Arman was able to phone his comrades to say he had been taken to a regional police station but that he had not been told the reason for his arrest. When human rights’ activists went to the station to try to find out what was happening to Arman Ozhaubaev, the police reacted in a very rude manner and refused to give any information.

It now appears that Arman’s location is unknown. The two local police stations deny they have any information about Arman.

Please protest against this serious incident immediately! Demand from the police to be informed about the whereabouts of Arman Ozhaubaev

Phone: +7 727 2542004 or 2544612 and send urgent protests to the Embassy of Kazakhstan in your country or nearest your country.

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