South Africa: Rustenburg workers host first meeting of national strike committee meeting

Step towards national coordinated strike action

The Rustenburg Joint Strike Coordinationg Committee writes:

"Well over 100 000 mine workers are on strike across the country for demands that have key common denominators – workers are all fighting for a R12 500 basic salary, for equal pay for equal work, an end to sub-contracting, and in protest against the deadly lack of safety underground and the sub-human living conditions in mining communities. On Saturday October 13, 2012, the Rustenburg Joint Strike Coordinating Committee, which co-ordinates the strikes of the wider Rustenburg mines, including Anglo Platinum, Samancor and Royal Bafokeng Platinum, will host a first national strike committee meeting in Marikana.

  • We are coming together to agree on joint and coordinated action. Our struggle is one, and it’s high time that we come together to make sure that is felt by the employers, says Gadaffi Mdoda, a member of the Rustenburg Joint Strike Coordinating Committee and an Anglo Platinum worker.
  • This first national strike committee meeting will also be a chance to discuss the way forward for the strike committees; what are the political conclusions workers and working class communities need to draw after the Marikana massacre and the ongoing strike wave, says Mametlwe Sebei from the Democratic Socialist Movement, which plays a key role on the Coordinating Committee.

The mass dismissals of workers of Anglo and other mines will also be on the agenda, and community representatives will participate."

Please see also the appeal: Support the miners – donate to the Workers’ Defence Fund

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